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31 July 2013 @ 05:45 pm
[Translation] Potato July 2013 - Nazosenbatsu  
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And I'm... back? Ish? To translating! Going more by a request system now I suppose so well more info here on my tumblr! You can request through tumblr or LJ I'll be crossposting on these two platforms anyway! :) So I've really gotten into Johnny's Jrs in the past year, especially Snow Man and the former Bakaleya 6, and I'll be doing more translations of these few guys now :) Feel free to PM me with requests!

Formatting crosstalks is the worst. x_x


Yasui: Myuto, do this properly~
Myuto: Now that we have finished our Crea concerts successfully… How do you feel, Morohoshi-kun?
Moro: Oh I see you’re throwing it to me cos you’re unsure of what to do? (laughs) Iya but it was really fun!
Hagi: Up till now we’ve been back dancing for our seniors, and getting to take the stage as the main performers this time was really tough but we got a ton of things out of it that balanced it out. These shows are like treasures.
Myuto: ……
Yasui: (Unable to sit still anymore) Hai, with that note, we begin this discussion. How was it everyone? Was it fun?
Everyone: It was~
Hagi: We had some confusion in the middle of thinking up the structure but in the end it felt alright.
Yasui: We also relied on Iwamoto-kun and Fukka for a lot of different things ne. Sasuga! (T/N: I suppose he means that IwaFukka are more experienced at this sort of things)
Fukka: Iyaiyaiya, we were in “Takizawa Enbujou" and couldn’t even really attend many rehearsals…
Iwahika: Yes yes. To us it felt like just taking part in something that the four of you have prepared beforehand for everyone.
Fukka: Un, that’s why to us, we’re just thankful to the four of you. Completely thankful.
Yasui: But the two of you gave really helpful advice to the thing we 4 created, and because of that we were able to bring this final product to the stage. Especially the skit part, wasn’t it pretty much left in the hands of you two?
Iwahika: (with a serious face) That’s because we are comedians.
Yasui: Iya, no, Iwamoto-kun is an idol. The comedians are these two.
Fukka: Morohoshi and me right? (laughs)

Moro: But it is thanks to everyone that I was able to open up that much during the skit section.
Fukka: You are the one who carried it out to completion!
Moro: (embarrassed) Iya, well, I worked hard.
Fukka: You’re not good with compliments.
Yasui: You had all the drawers open but no words could come out, just now (laughs) (T/N: I guess he means that Moro had a lot of chances to react but just couldn’t!)
Hagi: But comedy is hard. Like, it’s bad if it becomes that you’re the only one being amused by it.
Yasui: What about Myuto? Even during the shows in the middle you were crying. On the final show too… What happened?
Myuto: Iya… I was deeply touched…
Moro: Like words aren’t enough to describe it?
Fukka: Myuto has a nickname decided right? “Twitter"
Iwahika: After our ponpon was tweeted about (T/N: For those who don’t know - when Myuto cried during one of the shows, Iwamoto went up and patted his head. That is so precious T_T)
Myuto: For me, I didn’t really want to appear in the skit section before. Everyone here are people who can say a ton of funny things straight away, I wanted to just sit there and soak in the fun atmosphere.
Hagi: Are you an audience member?! (laughs)
Iwahika: But that’s Myuto. I think it’s completely fine.

Hagi: Moro-ercise (T/N: Morohoshi exercise) was fun too.
Fukka: It was~
Moro: The title was thought up by Yasui-kun.
Hagi: Yasui-kun is already like a professional performer.
Yasui: Iya for me, I look at things from a fan’s perspective. “If they did this I would be really happy~" I did things with that sort of thought in mind. The MC and stuff were made by everyone right?
Fukka: Iya iya, the one who put together everything in the end is Yasui.
Iwahika: It’s Yasui indeed… hey we’ve been praising him profusely since just now (laughs). Jaa let me talk about one more funny episode besides that. During the MC wasn’t there a question like “Which rank does Morohoshi hold in Beast?" At that time I answered with “2087th maybe", the 87 actually meant his nose. (T/N: 8 and 7 in Japanese are read as hachi and nana :D so 87 = hana = nose! Iwamoto-san, you are ridiculous)
Everyone: Eh…!
Iwahika: I was wondering if anyone would get it when I was saying it but in the end it was so well concealed that no one understood it…
Yasui: That level was too high for us to be able to follow. This is a exclusive report for POTATO (laughs).

Fukka: Apart from that Morohoshi’s song was good. With that appearance I didn’t know he could sing this well.
Iwahika: For me and Fukka, we’ve had contact with some of the other members before, but we didn’t know about Morohoshi that much. It was something like “Who the heck is Morohoshi"
Moro: Are you for serious?! (laughs)
Fukka: But after working together it seems our personalities overlapped.
Yasui: For my solo song these two also kindly appeared as zombies. I was happy that we could bring out the world view of this song well together.
Moro: Even if we didn’t put on masks for that it would have been fine (laughs)
Hagi: Honestly, through this performance we really became closer.
Yasui: There were also many new discoveries! Like for Myuto, in Travis Japan he has the image of doting on his juniors, having a more oniichan feel to him, but he was surprisingly being a spoiled kid to everyone.
Myuto: It’s because there are a whole bunch of oniichan around! (T/N: Myuto stop TwT)
Moro: This feels like a game.

Yasui: Maa, with that part included, we are able to bring out an atmosphere that only the six of us can show.
Iwahika: That’s right. If that wasn’t the case there wouldn’t have been so many in the audience. Fans of each one of us, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (and he ignores Moro)
Moro: (with a funny face) Oi!
Iwahika: This guy, he wants to make a pass at me but he’s still scared (laughs)
Yasui: Yeah. Even though he’d always react to others’ jokes by hitting them, with Iwamoto-kun it’s just with a funny face or a funny action. Maa but this sort of distance is also fun. Speaking of the audience, we had the highest number of people queueing up for the tickets that were sold on the day itself, in the whole of Crea’s history.
Hagi: Isn’t that really cool?
Yasui: It is! To be honest, I was really worried about the turnout.
Moro: Me too—! I was like “What would I do if there wasn’t a single uchiwa for me?"
Yasui: You cared about that?! (laughs)

Iwahika: Speaking of that, we did the “Let’s unite everyone’s hearts~" game on stage, but since Yasui was the MC and didn’t take part in the game, shall we play another round of it for the magazine?
Yasui: Jaa, use one kanji character to represent how I feel right now!
Fukka: Can we answer all together? Ready~
(Everyone answers at the same time)
Hagi: For me "続" (T/N: meaning continuation)
Myuto: Ah, me too! "続"
Moro: For me it’s "次". It means to want to continue doing this next time so it’s the same as "続".
Iwahika: For me it’s "喜" (T/N: Joy)
Fukka: Ah, close. I picked "嬉" (T/N: Joyfulness, joy, along the same line). So Yasui, what’s your answer?
Yasui: …"幸" (T/N: contentment, happiness). I want to change it to "続"!
Iwahika: Everyone picked "続" because they included the feelings of wanting to carry on from here. But I picked this because I thought that after finishing the concerts successfully we’d all be really happy and really filled with joy, right, right?
Yasui: Yeah yeah! My feelings towards tomorrow are definitely "続", right, right!
(The older three being flustered over the fact that Hagi, Moro and Myuto had almost the same answers…)
Fukka: Maa, isn’t it great that everyone shares the feeling of wanting to do another show together?
Yasui: But really, from now on it would be awesome if the six of us could work on something together again.
Myuto: I definitely want to do a live!
Hagi: I want to try performing at a forum. And maybe even Yokohama Arena someday?!
Everyone: That’s nice~
Yasui: We’re always in the mood to get going and do something. With that, thanks everyone~ ♡


The Crea staff members who took care of us during the concerts a year ago remembered me! One person said “This time you’ve come to do your own show", and I was really happy. I’ve grown in many ways, both in terms of my personality and height (laughs).


I got to sing a lot at Crea and that was really fun, but It’s not enough! And because of that I’ve been wondering if I should to go to karaoke on my own soon to sing my heart out. Even though there aren’t any audiences I want to get hyped up on my own (laughs).


I’m going to the amusement park soon but I’m totally no good with the horror house type of attractions, and I’m wondering what to do! (laughs) Apart from that, I want to visit Kyoto. I’ve become more of an adult, so I suppose that going now I would be able to take away some different things from when I visited previously on a school trip.


It’s something that happened a while ago but let me say this. I’ve really learned a lot during “Takizawa Enbujou"! It’s a stage play that changed me, and I think with the confidence that I gained there I was able to successfully do the Crea shows too. I’m thankful towards all the people who helped me along the way!


I’ll be appearing in PLAYZONE this year! It’s an honor to be given the chance to do this for the fourth consecutive year. To be able to show a powered up version from last time round I am enthusiastic about starting out with muscle training and running to build up my stamina!


I’m now planning a private trip. I want to go around the country and eat all the yummy food. Maybe go to Hitsumabushi (T/N: name of restaurant) in Nagoya first (laughs). Apart from that, now that the shows are over, I want to go get a massage and relax slowly to take away the tiredness. I’m serious about this (laughs).


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AngelOfHikari: Angel Inooangelofhikari on July 31st, 2013 04:43 pm (UTC)
:D Thanks for translating!!
(I'm a bit ashamed that I don't know everyone's names!! I recgonise them, but I only remember Hikaru and Yasui..and Morohoshi I think)
サキ☆shiroikazex on August 1st, 2013 04:58 pm (UTC)
From left to right on the picture, it's Fukazawa Tatsuya, Morita Myuto, Yasui Kentaro, Iwamoto Hikaru, Hagiya Keigo and Morohoshi Shoki :D

You're very welcome ♥
AngelOfHikari: Pikachu shyangelofhikari on August 2nd, 2013 10:44 am (UTC)
Thanks for telling!!
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Lol, Moro-ercise!!! These boys! <3
Thank you Saki!
サキ☆shiroikazex on August 1st, 2013 04:59 pm (UTC)
:D you're welcome!
Lydiaryukeigolover on July 31st, 2013 06:53 pm (UTC)
What a silly bunch~ ♥ Thanks for translating! ^^
サキ☆shiroikazex on August 1st, 2013 04:59 pm (UTC)
:) you're welcome~
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Could I retranslate into Spanish? >.<

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サキ☆shiroikazex on August 1st, 2013 05:01 pm (UTC)
sure! just leave proper credits and drop me a link when you post it :)
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