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999 paper cranes

shiroikazex's fanworks community

999 paper cranes, one more to go.
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999 paper cranes
hello, and welcome to shiroikazex's fanworks/fiction community! in here you'll mainly find fanfiction about johnny's entertainment and also translations of hey!say!jump (mostly hey!say!best and yaotome hikaru's things). i also write original fiction, make the occasional graphics, and occasionally scan magazines/pictures that i have. if you like my works and would like to be updated, please join the community! thank you!

hey!say!jump // hey!say!best // yaotome hikaru | kat-tun | news // koyama keiichirou | arashi // matsumoto jun | akanishi jin | juniors // casey anderson, kyomoto taiga, kawashima noeru, takada sho, masuda ryo, yasui kentarou

pairings i ship:
- inoobu, yabuhika, hikanoo, takabu, takanoo, takaru, yamashi
- akame
- koyashige, nishikato
- ohmiya, sakuraiba

...though i'm writing mainly hey!say!jump (to be even more specific, hey!say!best) fanfiction now, you can still find occasional fanfics of the other pairings. i also do oc pairings :) i've also recently begun to write akb48 x whichever male celebrity i can picture them with.

apart from johnny's, i'm also a fan of akb48 (oshimen is miyazawa sae!) | scandal | w-inds. | nishino kana | koda kumi | within temptation | evanescence. i am a huge fan of taylor swift and you can see me using her songs in my fics quite often.

nc-17/r fics are locked after 3 days. fanfic requests are only open to members. requests are now CLOSED.

i am co-modding hey_say

you can find my fanfics on jent_fanfics and heysay_fanfic.

fiction index / translation index / my journal (f-locked) / twitter / tumblr / credit